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Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Give Your Customers’ A Good First Impression

Dirty Business Sidewalk
Here at The Wash Squad, we provide commercial pressure washing services to businesses throughout Denver. We understand that consumers’ first impressions are based on your building’s outer appearance.  It is important for the front of your business to be as neat and clean as possible. This is where the commercial services we provide come in handy.

Beat the Competition

Let’s face it, there is a lot of competition in today’s business world and you can’t compete if your building is run down or dirty. The harsher weather conditions during the winter months can do a lot of damage to the outside of your building also. These conditions can lead to an unsafe parking lot or sidewalk, putting your employees and customers at risk. We can save you money on future repairs by making them less likely to be needed.
With the high quality equipment that our team uses for commercial pressure washing jobs, if your company seeks out our services, you will be rewarded with a building that looks new and is safe. Our commercial grade equipment is designed to clean tough stains like oil and grease. The Wash Squad’s equipment has the power to make water as hot as 250 degrees, allowing us to wash away damaging substances such as gum, oil, and grease that have tainted your building.
Commercial Pressure Washing Gum Removal

Once your business’s building has gotten pressure washed by our team of professionals, it will look like a new building and is likely to drive more customers to your business, resulting in increased sales.

Let Us Show You How Clean Your Property Can Be

Any company considering using our commercial pressure washing services can request us to come to them and perform an onsite demonstration of the services offered. Our team will show you how important it is to have a clean building and will prove that we deliver high quality results.  Inquiries are always responded to timely, often within the hour.


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